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My professional career includes work in a wide variety of mental health and human services agencies, including: child protective services, a rape crisis center, community mental health centers, a psychosocial day treatment program, home hospice and palliative care settings, a residential treatment program, vocational services, and integrated care programs.


When I am not in the office, I enjoy hiking, gardening, cooking, reading, writing, knitting, yoga, and spending time with my children, friends, family, and pets. Some of my favorite self-care activities are: journaling, frolicking with my dogs, and laying in my hammock.

I am sometimes asked why I chose to be a therapist -- listening to people day after day talk about their struggles? The answer is simple. 

I am passionate about helping people and can’t possibly imagine doing anything else with my life. I know that change is possible, that healing happens, and that there is always hope.  



I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Yoga Teacher, founder of Phoenix Rising Holistic Psychotherapy and a co-founder of Three Little Birds Counseling & Wellness Center. I have worked in the field of mental health and counseling since 1996.  After receiving my Bachelors in Biology from the University of Virginia, I went on to earn a Masters in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.  I have been in private practice in the Denver metro area since 2003.


Being born and raised in the fabulously diverse Washington, D.C.  metropolitan area no doubt influenced my strong appreciation for culture and diversity -- and fueled my passion for activism and social justice. In 2001, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to move to beautiful, sunny Colorado, and have since fully embraced it as my permanent home state.



Elena and her beloved first therapy dog partner, Moses Titan (2004-2014) 

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